Debit Card Protection

Debit cards provide you with quick, easy access to your money, and a simple way to pay for purchases.

You can help protect your debit card from fraud by following these tips:

Stay vigilant at ATMs and point-of-sale locations. Watch for debit card reading devices that have been tampered with to capture your information.

Choose your personal identification number (PIN) wisely.  Avoid using an obvious PIN – such as your name, birth date, or phone number. Be sure to change your PIN periodically, too.

Shield your information.  Block the keypad to prevent individuals standing nearby (or even hidden cameras) from seeing you enter your PIN.

Activate or deactivate your card.  Deactivate your misplaced debit card and reactivate when found instantly on the My Westfield Bank mobile app.

Beware of phishing schemes. Never provide your debit card number or PIN in response to unsolicited email, text, or phone messages.

Review your bank statements closely. Report any suspicious or unauthorized activity immediately.

Set up account alerts. Get notified right away by email, phone, or text about debit card activity.

Use multi-factor authentication (MFA). Gain another layer of protection by requiring user verification from more than one source before a transaction can occur.

Request a credit report regularly.  Check your credit report for signs of identity theft or other suspicious activity. Get your free annual report at or by calling 877-322-8228.