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Learn from our valued team members about company culture, and what it's like to work at Westfield Bank.

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Jon Park, CEO & Chairman:
Westfield Bank has a wonderful brand recognition in Northeast Ohio. We've won numerous awards as a top employer. We have this beautiful campus, where we're sitting today, which is kind of like a quaint college campus, which is very attractive to people. But the culture - probably the most important secret recipe of Westfield Bank - is the culture and the people. 

Allyse Love, Digital Content Admin:
We have a serious side, but you're not going to walk around and see everyone in a full three-piece suit, tie, buttoned every day. We're a little bit more real and casual. People can be who they are, we're not changing for our environment or our banking landscape. We’re a little bit more down to Earth than that. 

Joe McNeill, VP, Commercial Banking:
What sets Westfield Bank apart from the competition - Number one is the community focus. A lot of the bigger banks now, they can't support every community they're in because they're so large. That, and the fact that, again, the bank doesn't have - it has one shareholder, which is Westfield Insurance and Westfield Group doesn't have any shareholders. So, it's really a unique set up that allows us to really, truly focus on our customers. And that's a tough thing to compete against. I know, because I did it. 

Kari Deeks, Client Service Rep.:
I’ve had a lot of people come to me recently about wanting to work for Westfield Bank. I have some friends with other institutions and I always tell them how fun it is, how great of a company that we work for. Like I said, the benefits are wonderful, but the social benefits are wonderful. I don't feel pressure at work. I enjoy the company and the people I work with.

Krista Dobronos, SVP, Market Leader:
You know, employees and staff that work directly with me, start off like I did as a teller and want more of a challenge. So just as people along the way have groomed me and invested in me, I've been able now to do that to others as well. So, and that's what Westfield Bank gives us is the ability to be able to reinvest into people that have the need and want to succeed. 

Raquel Raderchak, AVP, Retail Manager:
You know, being newer to company, I've had tons of people ask me now, “How do you like it? What's it like?” You know, “How's it different from a bigger bank?” or something like that. And I said, honestly, it's best move I ever made. You know, I'm very, very happy with them. You know, I would never, ever imagine that it would be that different. Obviously thinking is banking still, you know, a checking account is a checking account, a loan is a loan. We still do the same things, but it's how you go about it and that feeling that you get from the top down. 

Jon Park, CEO & Chairman:
I often like to say the most important ingredient in what makes Westfield Bank successful is our people. And one of the most important jobs that I have is to convince our people and motivate our people to get back in their car every morning and be excited about driving back to Westfield Bank. Because it's the people that drive our success. So, it's a team success. We all work together. 

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