A word from real customers

Hear what our customers think about banking with Westfield Bank, and why you can expect more from your bank.

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Ronald E. Pollard, President of Sherlock Services, Inc.:
Westfield Bank has been our key component to our success. We have been using them for the last five years and we have a great relationship.

Tom Swallen, President of Windsor Medical Center:
We were looking for a partner. Somebody that would understand that we could build a building relationship with somewhat, what used to be, in banking.

Jim and Andy Camp, President & Vice President of Cutler & Associates:
And it was like for me, going back 40 years to the relationships when I could shake your hand and it meant something and I knew you were genuinely interested in growing my business and making sure that we were successful. So, I keep telling people, “We love our bank.”

Dan Caine, President of ICI Metals:
They look at it as more of an opportunity than trying to fill in a bunch of forms and telling you they got to go talk to corporate and everything else. They just make it happen.

Dave I. Kelly, Owner of Captive Radiology:
Our relationship with Westfield Bank came along after spending years with very large national banks. We're very transactional. So, it was important for us to find a partner. Westfield Bank did that. They came along, they, instead of being across the table and sliding papers, they actually sat with us, walk us down the process, help coach us, and see it from their angle as well.

Jeff Scott, President of NOSHOK:
Really been an excellent relationship. We've been with some of the big banks and we came back to Westfield Bank, to the same people that we had known for many years. A lot of stability. We would definitely recommend Westfield Bank.

Tom Swallen, President of NOSHOK:
Anybody that is looking for a bank, tell them that they couldn’t do any better than Westfield Bank. We have had a great relationship. I know they'll be interested, and I know they'll help you as a business and partner with you to be successful.

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