Personal Banking

Learn about our personal banking philosophy at Westfield Bank and meet our team. All the ways we make your banking better.

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Mike Toth, Westfield Bank President: 
What makes Westfield Bank so unique in the market is really our people.

Raquel Raderchak, AVP, Retail Manager:
Being a smaller community bank, we have a lot more personal services and relationships with our clients. That’s one of the things that I enjoy everyday when I meet my customers.

Marten Granger, VP, Private Banking:
I think the banking products, although similar in part to many other banks, it’s really down to the folks delivering that product and service to those clients.

Mike Toth, Westfield Bank President:
Westfield Bank has a long history of supporting the financial needs of our clients. We have a great team of bankers, who are experienced in the industry and really put a premium on building great relationships with their clients.

Neil Lindgren, AVP, Retail Manager:
Definitely being service-oriented. Being able to be available to our customers at any time of the day and making them feel comfortable that they’re able to contact us with whatever need they may have.

Mike Toth, Westfield Bank President:
Clients should expect that the Westfield Bank team is providing exceptional service, is very focused on the unique needs of each client and is providing relevant and timely guidance that helps our clients be successful.

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